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A Retired School Bus Has Been Transformed Into an Amazing Home

Old school buses have often been likely candidates for RV conversion projects due to the vast amount of space they provide. A school bus can be converted into a very functional camper for a lot less money than a brand-new motorhome.
When a school bus is completely stripped, the interior becomes a clean slate on which owners can design their ideal camper. And, as this article will show, these vehicles may be quite opulent and comfy….

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Must-See Truck Campers in 2022

Truck bed trailers are an often-overlooked option when compared to larger and fancier motorhomes. Sure, those other vehicles have more legroom, but they are also less adaptable, more difficult to drive, and considerably more expensive.
Today’s truck bed trailers are packed with amenities and functionality thanks to modern architecture and improved materials and parts. If you haven’t looked at any truck bed trailer in a while, you may be amazed at how spacious and comfy they can be.
One of the best parts …

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Take a Look Inside This Spacious and Comfortable ProMaster Camper Van

It’s remarkable what skilled builders and designers can accomplish with a camper van’s interior these past few years. Competent DIYers may transform a blank motor vehicle into an elegant residential area describing a compact home on wheels.
In terms of facilities and amenities, some vehicle conversions may even compete with considerably bigger RVs. See the incredible Ram ProMaster makeover from Moonlit Campers mentioned in this article.

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The Golo Gocamp Is an E-bike That Also Serves as an RV

Flevobike Technology, a Dutch startup, has released a prototype design for a compact camper developed on a reclining e-bike chassis. 
The product is marketed as GoLo GoCamp by the company. It’s a unique little vehicle that’s unlike anything else you’ve seen at any campsite. It not only has a distinct design, but it also crams a surprising amount of features and functionality into a compact space.
While it lacks many of the conveniences seen in larger RVs, it appears to be comfortable and inviting. …