Must-See Truck Campers in 2022

Truck bed trailers are an often-overlooked option when compared to larger and fancier motorhomes. Sure, those other vehicles have more legroom, but they are also less adaptable, more difficult to drive, and considerably more expensive.

Today’s truck bed trailers are packed with amenities and functionality thanks to modern architecture and improved materials and parts. If you haven’t looked at any truck bed trailer in a while, you may be amazed at how spacious and comfy they can be.

One of the best parts about owning a truck bed trailer is that it can go everywhere your truck can. Now that we know the benefits of owning a truck bed trailer, these are the top models on the market right now.

Bigfoot 2500

If you’re searching for a truck bed trailer that can be used in all four seasons, the Bigfoot 2500 Series is the way to go.

Bigfoot, based in Canada, provides this type in both short and long-box configurations, ensuring compatibility with virtually every brand and model of pickups. And, because every camper comes standard with EPS insulation, you can be sure to be warm at all times.

Heated storage tanks, motorized stabilizing jacks, twin propane tanks, and an alfresco shower are among the various features. The camper has a kitchenette with bench seating and an upper skylight. The onboard bathroom includes a toilet, and the bedroom area includes a queen-size bed.

Lance 650

Lance is well-known for producing some of the greatest trailers available, and this model is no exception. It is designed for use on short-bed vehicles and comes equipped with a dinette, plenty of LED lighting, and a tankless water heater.

But it’s the Lance 650’s comfort and space that really sets it apart. From the queen-size mattress to the unexpectedly spacious onboard toilet, this camper appears larger than it is. More importantly, it provides excellent value for money, with an excellent combination of features and conveniences at an affordable price.

Arctic Fox 865

The Arctic Fox 865 is a truck bed trailer commercial classic with superb build quality and style. This small and lightweight variant has been fairly popular over the years, garnering a devoted following among users.

That is indeed mainly because it keeps its guests warm and comfortable even when traveling in the winter. The signature arching cathedral ceiling also provides an airy, open atmosphere that most of its rivals miss.

Heated storage tanks, a 45-watt solar array, and a 20,000 BTU furnace are also notable features. It even has a lot of inbuilt storage, which isn’t usually the case with certain other truck bed versions.

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