A Retired School Bus Has Been Transformed Into an Amazing Home

Old school buses have often been likely candidates for RV conversion projects due to the vast amount of space they provide. A school bus can be converted into a very functional camper for a lot less money than a brand-new motorhome.

When a school bus is completely stripped, the interior becomes a clean slate on which owners can design their ideal camper. And, as this article will show, these vehicles may be quite opulent and comfy.

Today’s topic is about a little school bus owned by Shaina and Max, a full-time wandering couple. They acquired the vehicle a few years ago and transformed it into a campervan to use when traveling around the country. It functions as both their mobile home and their workplace while they are on the road.

After obtaining it, the family painted the vehicle’s initial yellow paint job white, giving it a relatively standard appearance. They also built a hardwood deck with a few solar panels on the top, however, neither item is particularly noticeable to approaching motorists.

The bus does not appear to be much from the outside. But once inside it, it’s tough not to be amazed. The vast interior quarter includes a living area, a full bath, and a designated work area.

A well-equipped kitchen includes a couch that turns into a dinette, as well as an oven, cooktop, and refrigerator. Despite having slide-out pantries and hardwood cupboards, the bus still has a gear compartment concealed beneath the back bedroom.

The bus also boasts vinyl flooring, custom-made windows and doors, and a practically silent generator that powers the interior air conditioner. Although the van is well-designed for living completely off the grid, the pair can connect to 30-watt shore electricity while camping.

Overall, the bus demonstrates the amount of craftsmanship and ingenuity that went into the construction of this unique camper. The pair has made excellent use of the inside space, and their residence is well-designed. They’ve made the most of their limited square footage by creating a cozy and welcoming RV.

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