Tips for Camping with A Big Dog

It’s natural to want to go on adventures with those you love, and that sentiment extends to your furry loved ones with four legs and a tail. Although it can seem difficult to travel with a dog, it’s made a lot easier if you made the right preparations and know how to adapt accordingly.

Finding Space for Big Dogs

When choosing an RV for travel, you need to take into account the space occupied by your dog, especially if you own a large one. You also have to prepare for the amount of hair your dog might end up shedding in the RV. It’s recommended to switch the rug with engineered wood flooring instead. 

Potty training your dog is also important so they don’t end up causing accidents in your vehicle. 

Travel Preparations

Traveling comes with many noises, distractions, and unusual situations. In order to help your dog adjust quickly to long RV trips, you can try taking it on short trips. Exposing your dog to these situations beforehand makes adjusting to longer trips a lot easier. 

Organizing the essentials that your dog would need such as food supply, collapsible water dish, small towel, spare leash, treats, and small towel, etc. is also important to make the trip a lot more comfortable for them.

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