Top Power Stations to Use While RVing

For decades, remote campsites relied on gas-powered generators as their source of electricity. These generators are able to create enough power to run a large RV and keep HVAC systems, appliances, lights, and other items working even while living off the grid. 

However, the issue is that they give off noxious fumes and produce too much noise that it becomes bothersome. This is what prompted the Californian state to ban the sale of gas-powered generators, forcing RVers to search for quieter and more eco-friendly solutions. 

This is where portable power stations come in. Using lithium batteries to store power, they are small and lightweight. Not to mention, they are free from both emissions and noise. 

If you’re considering purchasing one for your next trip, here are things you need to know first:

Charging a Portable Power Station

Portable power stations rely on an external power source to store energy for later use. This is both a strength and a weakness, as power stations allow RVers to bring power with them wherever they go but become useless when the battery runs out. 

Solar-Powered Generators

If you plan to use solar panels to charge your power station at your campsite, then you need to make sure it gets direct exposure to the sun. Adjusting and angling the panel multiple times a day may be required too, in order to maximize its efficiency. 

However, solar charging can take a lot of time and patience, especially with a power station that has a huge battery. But, when it does work properly, it’s an eco-friendlier way to stay powered even while on the go. 


The number and type of charging ports should be considered when purchasing a portable power station. When you have more ports, you’re able to charge or power more devices simultaneously. A variety of outlet types will also increase the power station’s versatility, allowing you to power small appliances while charging your gadgets. 

Now that you understand what to consider when purchasing a portable power station, here are the best models that you can find today.

  • Jacky Explorer 1000
  • IdeaPlay B300
  • Generark HomePower One
  • EcoFlow Delta Pro
  • EcoFlow Delta Max 2000
  • Jackery Explorer 550
  • Goal Zero Yeti 6000X

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